Our Partners: Traditional, Organic, and Sustainable

Supporting our farmers and small artisan producers is fundamental not only for their wellbeing but they perform an important role as the principal guardians of our Tuscan culinary heritage.

Demetra’s philosophy is directly connected to tradition, supporting our local growers (farm to table) and to quality and sustainability for now and for the future.

Demetra Bottega Tradition
Demetra Bottega Sustainability


Viktoria Lounge Bar

Breeding bees is an incredibly fascinating occupation, and one can’t help but be enchanted by this small but ultra-organized world of tireless little workers. It is for this reason that our traditions, techniques, and family beekeeping secrets, have been passed from father to son for generations.

San Casciano in Val di Pesa

I Greppi Di Silli

Bagno a Ripoli

Castel Ruggero Pellegrini

San Casciano Val di Pesa

Castelli del Grevepesa

While living in Florence, English businessman Patrick Hoffer discovered that Tuscany is the source of some of the world’s best juniper and iris root, the two fundamental ingredients for making top quality gin.


Peter in Florence

The first craft brewery established in Livorno, Il Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino has stayed true to its origins not only by sourcing as many ingredients as possible from the local area but also through the names of their products.


Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino

LaSelva is situated in south of Tuscany and has been farming organic products since 1980. We grow vegetables, fruits and vineyards over an agricultural area of around 743 hectares.


La Selva

At Tenuta di Paganico our main activity and focus is the organic breeding of Maremmana cattle and Cinta Senese pigs. Our breeding system allows our animals to live and graze in the forest, as their natural habitat.

Paganico, Grosseto

Tenuta di Paganico

I Pescatori Orbetello at Demetra Bottega


I Pescatori Orbetello

Bagno a Ripoli, Florence

Monna Giovannella


Tenuta San Carlo

Bagno a Ripoli, Florence

Spighe Toscane

We naturally and organically cultivate twelve different types of apples that are both robust and easy to preserve. Organic doesn’t end in the orchard but is present in every step of the production process.


Podere Fontecornino

Agricola Inalbi at Demetra Bottega


Vecchio Borgo Di Inalbi