More than just a cooking class, our Tuscan Cooking Experience goes one step further. Join the owners of the restaurant to create an authentic Tuscan lunch. Along the way discuss the history of cuisine in Tuscany, which traditions have persisted and why, and complete the experience with a selection of local wines matched to each course.

Our (restaurant’s) philosophy focuses on tradition and getting back to the roots of authentic Florentine cuisine. As such, we will share some of the recipes passed down through generations of our family. Furthermore, we will give you insights into the cooking techniques that with respect to tradition enhance and highlight the quality and flavors inherent in the ingredients.

Together we will prepare a four course meal; appetizer, handmade pasta, main course and dessert. The menu will be based on seasonal traditions and the availability of fresh produce.

After all of your ‘hard’ work, sit down, relax and savor the fruits of your labor. Enjoy your four course lunch with a selection of traditional Tuscan wines.


  • Demetra Hostaria is a small restaurant, hosting a maximum of 25 people, in the very center of Florence, nestled in behind the Bargello Gallery.
  • The ambience is both rustic and eclectic at the same time creating an intimate setting, where you will be welcomed by the owners, Simone and Monica.
  • One of the highlights of cooking in Italy is making pasta from scratch. We will of course select types of pasta that are traditional in Tuscany together with their accompanying sauces.
  • Tuscan cuisine is delicious but very rarely featured on Italian menus around the world. Cuisine is as much part of a city’s or region’s cultural identity as is art or architecture. Delve a little deeper into Tuscan and Florentine heritage through what was typically served at the table.
  • During lunch you will taste a selection of local wines, paired to the dishes you have prepared, as well as award winning olive oil.
  • Small group, private class with a maximum of 5 participants.

What is included

  • Coffee on arrival
  • Prepare lunch together with the chef/owners of the restaurant
  • Learn how to make an appetizer, handmade pasta, meat course, and dessert
  • Understand how cuisine differs from region to region in Italy
  • Enjoy your four course lunch with a selection of local wines
  • Water and coffee

Price: €500 (one to five people)
Availability: Wednesday to Saturday at 9:00am (other days by request)
Duration: Approximately 5 hours

Florentine Steak Dinner

Our authentic four course, Florentine dining experience will take you back in time to the origins of some of Florence’s most renowned dishes accompanied by a selection of traditional, locally produced wines and extra virgin olive oil.